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Official SRF Retreats in The Netherlands

Dutch Devotees say…

“Kriya Yoga has given me a permanent, deep, inner joy”.
“Isn’t it precious to experience inner peace? Everyone seeks it outside himself, but it is to be found in silence, within you”.
“We hardly realize how much richer the world has become by an advanced technique such as Kriya Yoga”.
There are official Self-Realization Fellowship retreats at Huissen, conducted by SRF members. A privately owned retreat located by the North Sea coast is also available – more details about this private initiative are at the bottom of this page.


Retreat weekends

We would like to warmly invite you to participate in the retreat weeks and weekend at the Dominican Monastery at Huissen. These weeks and weekends are organized and led by our own SRF members. In addition there is a summer retreat, also at the Huissen Dominican Monastery.


There is a possibility for us to use the recently-built annex. In it there rooms  with their own toilets and showers at an additional cost of 7 per person a night. However, the entire retreat group has to choose between the existing facilities or the annex. If you are interested in these rooms, please let us know. 

Sign up

Six weeks prior to each retreat you will receive an email from us asking you to enroll. Your reservation is only definite if payment has been received.
Tip: We advise you to take out a (permanent) cancellation insurance for this and possible other retreats in case you have signed up and you find yourself unable to participate.

Each retreat there is a minimum of two persons that can be granted a discount (depending on your financial situation). Those who think they are eligible can contact the retreat committee. Important: first come, first served!

The retreat committee is responsible for the organization. You can contact them via

All retreats take place at Dominicaans Activiteitencentrum in Huissen
Retreat Weekend 24-26 March 2023 €261
Visit monastics Aschaffenburg, Germany 08-11 June 2023 On donation basis
Retreat Weekend cancelled N/A
Convocation Los Angeles July 30 - August 5, 2023
Retreat Week July 31 - August 6,  2023 €737
Retreat Weekend 3-5 Nov. 2023 €261 (excl. possible price increase)
Retreat Weekend 8-10 maart 2024 €261 (excl. possible price increase)
Visit monastics Lindau, Germany 30 May - 2 June 2024 On donation basis
Retreat Weekend 7-9 June 2024 €261 (excl. possible price increase)
Retreat Week 15 - 21 July 2024 € 737 (excl. possible price increase)
Convocation Los Angeles 14 - 20 July 2024 Bonaventure Hotel
Retreat Weekend 1-3 Nov. 2024 €261 (excl. possible price increase)
Retreat Weekend 28-30 March 2025 €261 (excl. possible price increase)
Retreat Weekend 10-22 June 2025 €261 (excl. possible price increase)
Retreat Week 4-10 August or 11-17 August 2025 €737 (excl. possible price increase)
Convocation Los Angeles Not yet known
Retreat Weekend 7-9 Nov. 2025 €261 (excl. possible price increase)

Jai Ma 

The Jai Ma Retreat House is privately owned and located by the Dutch North Sea Coast. This private-initiative has been established to make it possible for SRF members and their families to enjoy retreats together. In this quiet oasis, organized retreats are offered throughout the year. Furthermore, it functions as a holiday home for members and families of SRF. The little chapel in the garden provides a quiet space for daily morning and evening meditations. Please send Bibi an e-mail for further information:

If you have any questions and/or remarks on our retreats and events, please fill out the contact form below (not for Jai Ma retreats).
In divine friendship,

The retreat committee

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